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    Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.
    (Zhejiang Leo Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.)

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    Hangzhou Leo Filter Press Co.,Ltd.(Zhejiang
    Leo Filter Technology Co.,Ltd. ) is a plate and frame filter press, chamber
    filter press, membrane filter press manufacturer in China, offers different types
    of filter presses and filter press parts, Membrane Filter press Manufacrurers in China, Leo Filter Press offers only exporting oriented filter press
    machines, provide filter press service from pre-sales to after sales until
    filter press lifetime operation working continuous instructions. Always consider
    Leo Filter Press user’s requirements is the top concentrating point for Leo
    Filter Press’s working team. For example,among the membrane filter press
    manufacturers,there are various automation degree membrane filter presses, Leo
    Filter Press innovated various types of membrane filter presses,such as carrageenan
    gel membrane filter press,palm oil francationation membrane filter
    press,miniciple wastewater deep dewatering membrane filter press system, when
    there is strict requirement for some projects, Leo Filter Press’s team will
    study and work out the best proposal. Leo Filter Press Always concentrate on
    innovation and filter press manufacturering quality controlling, now Leo filter
    press became famous and gained high rank of reputation among all the users
    every year.

    Leo filter press have several different
    series such as chamber filter press,membrane filter press, plate and frame
    filter press, automatic filter press and special designed filter press according
    to filter press working industries’special requirements. Such as high corrosive
    proof working filter press, food beverage industry operation filter press with automatic
    filter cloth or CIP filter press,special medicine intermedia filter press with
    GMP requirements etc.,some special anti-explosion project filter presses etc.
    Leo Filter Press always consider all the filter press design details and to use
    technology to service people and let client to get profit from special designed
    filter presses.Enjoy technology of Leo Filter Press,less cost,less waste,less consumption
    and more interest,this is Leo Filter Press’s working principle and social

    Leo filter press can rely on many years'
    filtering experience for the filter press design and construction of high
    performance filter press systems. Leo filter press’s design focus on high
    filtering efficiency and economic filter press cost, such as filter press
    parts, filter press working and maintenance cost,together with a highly
    qualified team, short decision processes and highest quality control of every manufacturing
    steps,all the detailed points will be followed up and checked to make sure
    every filter press will be produced and delivered according to Leo Filter Press’standards.
    For every filter press orders from Leo Filter Press users, Leo Filter Press carries
    out strict quality control from filter press material or electrical units
    purchasing to final filter press performance testing. After sales, Leo Filter
    Press also offer filter press operators training to let every filter press
    operator to get a full acknowledgement of filter press design, working operation
    and maintenance. When the clients’ suspension characteristics change, Leo
    Filter Press will follow up again to get a new filtering solution for the
    filter press users, to make sure the whole lifetime of Leo Filter Press will
    service well and create the profit beyond its cost.

    "Pay attention to your market, leave your
    filtering task to us" is always Leo Filter Press’s slogan.

    Besides various types of filter press, Leo
    Filter Press offers filter press parts, such as chamber filter plate(also recessed
    chamber filter plate) from 400mmX400mm to 2000mmX2000mm with filtering pressure
    ranging from 0.6Mpa to 2.5Mpa. The special produced chamber filter plate for
    high temperature filtering max endurable filtering temperature is 120
    centi-degree.Also for the membrane filter plate,size ranged from 400mmX400mm to
    2000mmX2000mm,membrane material varies from rubber to PP, the special PVDF
    membrane filter plate is also under producing.For a compact filter press system
    design,Leo Filter Press offers filter press feed pump, such as diaphragm
    pump(pneumatic or electrical driving diaphragm pump),slurry pump,centrifigual
    pump,plunger pump,screw pump etc.According to different filtering materials, Leo
    Filter Press offer filter press cloths selection,filter cloth pore size sizing
    and filter cloth treatment design according to different filtering

    Leo Filter Press’s working team will always
    support you with your multifaceted filtration problems according to our team’s
    rich filtering experience and filteing data from the various experiments.If you
    and your team need filter press or filter press cost information,pls contact
    Leo Filter Press as soon as possible.

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    jessica jane中国女人
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